Comfort is not a luxury - beauty is not useless - and purposefulness does not mean austerity.

We know it and obey it.

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From the outside, it is a humble and inconspicuous house in a row standing and softly gazing at the main square of beautiful Lanškroun. Inside though ... inside we will let you experience a piece of our beauty, a piece of relax and serenity.

We will kindly welcome you in the same way this house welcomed in the past times - happy or difficult - everybody who crossed its doorstep. In honour we will offer you to experience a moment in this house, under our roof. We will provide you with a true comfort in an armchair or on a sofa designed by world-known authors. We will let you take pleasure in breath-taking colours and their eye-taking undertones. We will surround you with the beauty of 30s and its functional cosiness. We will pride ourselves with the functionalist furniture. We will stream into you a feeling of relax, serenity, warmth and safety.

We will take care of you the same way as kind and smiley Mrs. Kalousková with a baker Mr. Kalousek. And trust me on this - that was absolutely the best.


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