Comfort is not a luxury - beauty is not useless - and purposefulness does not mean austerity.

We know it and obey it.

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Hotel & Gallery Kopacka is a result of a vision that went directly against the events of 2020, when the hotel was renovated. The 19-month long reconstruction of the original building into the KOPACKA concept, which intertwines all of our projects, was also a way of maintaining healthy mind and common sense during these strange times.

The hotel is located right next to our gallery of furniture where it all started and where the magnificent pieces of furniture, decorating all our places, come from. The gallery is a place where our armchairs and sofas have been reborn. These pieces take breath away in all over Europe. Thanks to the gallery we have been able to meet so many inspiring people that changed our lives forever. We hope to experience such lovely encounters with everyone who visits our hotel in Svitavy.

“Kopacka Gallery is an emotion, it is a form following a function, it is a theme, it is a pipe, shine and simplicity, design, the ideal of living, utility, airiness. Beauty and austerity, it is an enjoyment that we can give you, it is a functionalism that we will guide you through.”

“We will welcome you with open arms, just as this house has welcomed everyone who went through its door in the past times - happy or difficult. We will respectfully offer you to spend a moment in this residence, under our roof. We will provide you real comfort either in our armchairs or sofas designed by world famous funcionalism authors. We will let you enjoy the breathtaking colors and their eye-pleasing undertones. We will surround you with the beauty of the 1930s, its functionality and comfort. We will let you feel calm, warm and safe.”


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